Hard Sounds #1 on Soundcloud [Free Download]

On Soundcloud appeared free samples to hardcore techno. They can be downloaded as a one file and next you can cut it into pieces and save each sample as a separate new file. Fitted person to do it in a while. These sounds are really worth recommending.
The file includes:
10 Drum samples – hardcore kicks, hihats, claps, snare
12 Loops – hardcore synth loops, vocoder loops and others
4 Sound Effects – Impact hardcore, hardcore tear effect, hardcore scratch, reverb-hit

Samples are hard and alive. At the end of a music file is proof that you can arrange these 26 sounds something interesting in the climate of hardcore techno. Listen for yourself:

Hard Sounds #1 – 26 Quality Samples & Loops [FREE DOWNLOAD] by lucidsamples

How to Download: Click link above, next click the arrow in the player.