3D Sound Effects | Surround Samples are they any good ?

3D Sound Effects | The Debate

Here we are discussing the matter of 3D Sound Effects so thr 5.1 surround samples and 7.1 surround samples which are becoming more and more popular to use in many different industries.
Some people might think this is a waste of time but it’s not nescessary the case. This type of samples can be really handy when you want your track to stand out and add a little of spiceyness and depth. Surround samples also are amazing when you want to achieve realistic sounds for your film productions, for instance sounds of conversations, traffic, sounds of nature etc. Many creative producers have taken notice od 3D Sound Effects and started utilizing them in their work, it’s really noticable when you are really into music production, you start to realize that you need to be ahead to make new things, think much faster then others and surround samples are making it’s way to the sampling world really really fast. Many young producers will neglect these samples and go for the basic ones, that’s ok but the future best will concider new stuff because this gives them an edge, there are many producers now and everybody competes. 3D sound effects are amazing when it comes to music production, film production, youtube channels etc. if you want a hint what I’m talking about check out this website and figure out the sourroud samples section easy!
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