3D Sound Effects | Surround Samples are they any good ?

3D Sound Effects | The Debate

Here we are discussing the matter of 3D Sound Effects so thr 5.1 surround samples and 7.1 surround samples which are becoming more and more popular to use in many different industries.
Some people might think this is a waste of time but it’s not nescessary the case. This type of samples can be really handy when you want your track to stand out and add a little of spiceyness and depth. Surround samples also are amazing when you want to achieve realistic sounds for your film productions, for instance sounds of conversations, traffic, sounds of nature etc. Many creative producers have taken notice od 3D Sound Effects and started utilizing them in their work, it’s really noticable when you are really into music production, you start to realize that you need to be ahead to make new things, think much faster then others and surround samples are making it’s way to the sampling world really really fast. Many young producers will neglect these samples and go for the basic ones, that’s ok but the future best will concider new stuff because this gives them an edge, there are many producers now and everybody competes. 3D sound effects are amazing when it comes to music production, film production, youtube channels etc. if you want a hint what I’m talking about check out this website and figure out the sourroud samples section easy!
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Free Loop Packs | Are they an alternative? Places to get etc.

Many of our users have concerns around free loop packs that are available in the net. We have seen many poor pay to get sample packs that weren’t worthawhile. So how come free loop packs may stand as an alternative. Well loops are kind of tools which are really easy to tweak, as you are not paying anything you can spent a bit of time making them sound a lot better if you wish. If you want to pay money you should get sample packs from the very best manufacturers there in other case this is a waste. Free Loop Packs are a great alternative if you know what are you doing as a producers beginner, haveing them might slightly improve your library but for bigger efficiency work with them, mix them, check them up and come up with your own ideas, it is a lot easier then going, and starting around with nothing. Therefore we encourage you to take the initative and look for either reliable manufacturer of DJ samples or check up the web for good free loop packs which easy can help you with your productions when you know what you are doing. One of the example of good DJ samples you have here. And also you can get the advantage and check the ‘free’ section where you will find full sample packs of high quality samples for the best digital audio worstations currently dominating the DJ culture. Having that said we wish you luck and best wishes for all the DJs around the world.

Hardstyle Sample Packs: A Mix of similiar sounding Genres in one Pack!

Hardstyle Samples: The Introduction

Well, we are ready to explore completely new field in music perhaps, one of the unpopular ones, looking on the chart we can clearly see that Electro House is at it’s peak, nevermind that for a moment, and let’s concentrate on what we are having for you today. It is an absolutely classic sound with a great vibe you will definitely love. The Gabber and Hardstyle sounds were very popular in the 90’s now, they are back samples are remastered and high quality manufactured. It is a decend journey into sound which were very popular some time ago but, now you can recreate them into new things, sampling never been so easy and creative. For a free download check up the link below!

Hardstyle Sample Packs: Click Here!

hardstyle sample packs
Be ready to step into the world of retro sound with a reworked field, if you are a professional music producer you will definitely know what are we talking about here.
The samples are comming from the best commercial packs we’ve managed to make.

– Cut Vocals Party (HQ Edition)
– Hardcore Voices Invasion
– Hardcore Samples Invasion
– Hardstyle Fx
– Hardstyle Kicks
– Hardstyle Midi (HQ Edition)

Happy music creating fellow DJ’s!

DJ Samples, but not the traditional ones! Today we have Multisamples!

Another Update

Hey guys, so we are coming back this week with a hefty update concerning our new cooperation with dj samples manufacturers known around the world. And Today we have something completely out of this world, a might dj samples pack with quality multisamples. That’s right, we managed to come up with ideas for free of charge, expensive stuff to give away without any regrets.

Be sure to check them out really fast you never know when you might need some creative stuff to tweak with. Many manufacturers give up on multisamples but we dont we think they are pretty important for music producers nowadays. Below you’ll find the link shere it with your friends!

Download Multisamples in DJ Samples Pack Here!

dj samples

It contains samples from packs such as:

– Deeper Instruments vol.1
– Electro-House Multisamples
– Fantasy Leads
– Multi Bass Waveforms
– Ultra Dance Leads vol.1
– Ultra Dance Leads vol.2

If you are interested in other stuff we have check up this link!


DJ Sample Packs: Giving Away Free of Charge Samples For Free!

DJ Sample Packs: New Segment of Our Blog!

We are starting up with an update of our blog and a couple of announcements, starting up from today we are making new category of post which probably will be loved by all of our readers and fans, we’ve build up some relationships with finest manufacturers of sample packs, and we have couple of free ones to give away right about now. So for a few months we’re going to update the blog a bit and post some of the best free packs available out there without any royalties and payment requirements.

First Stop: the 600mb Sample Pack.

It’s one of those few refreshing your sample library multi-genre sample packs, which include massive amount of sounds, synths, FX, kicks, and other high quality music production tools.
I really encourage you guys to try it out especially because it is a free benefit for you. Download Below.

Download 600mb Dj Sample Packs For Free!

dj sample packs

The Pack includes sample from commercial packs such as:

Samples come from:

95 BPM Industrial Techno Pack (46)
1000 Sfx Production Tools Vol. 1 (34)
1000 Sfx Production Tools Vol. 2 (32)
Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1 (3)
Clublines vol.1 – Essential Party (14)
Clublines vol.2 – Time For Power (14)
Clublines vol.3 – Hypnotic Lines (19)
Complete Dubstep Vol. 1 (21)
Complete Trance Vol. 1 (45)
Complete Trance Vol. 3 (5)
Cut-Vocals Party (HQ Edition) (16)
Drumtronic (30)
Electric Guitar Ballads Vol. 1 (3)
Essential Clubkits Vol. 1 (8)
Funktronic Loops (16)
Hardcore Samples Invasion (19)
Hardcore Voices Invasion (10)
Hardstyle Fx (17)
Hardstyle Kicks (2)
Hardstyle Midi (HQ Edition) (13)
Large FX Collection (31)
Minimal Heaven Vol. 1 (26)
Percussion XXL Pack (52)
Techno Elements (17)
Top Club Drums Vol.1 (52)
Ultra Kicks Vol. 2 (5)
Vinyl Cut Chords (12)