DJ Samples, but not the traditional ones! Today we have Multisamples!

Another Update

Hey guys, so we are coming back this week with a hefty update concerning our new cooperation with dj samples manufacturers known around the world. And Today we have something completely out of this world, a might dj samples pack with quality multisamples. That’s right, we managed to come up with ideas for free of charge, expensive stuff to give away without any regrets.

Be sure to check them out really fast you never know when you might need some creative stuff to tweak with. Many manufacturers give up on multisamples but we dont we think they are pretty important for music producers nowadays. Below you’ll find the link shere it with your friends!

Download Multisamples in DJ Samples Pack Here!

dj samples

It contains samples from packs such as:

– Deeper Instruments vol.1
– Electro-House Multisamples
– Fantasy Leads
– Multi Bass Waveforms
– Ultra Dance Leads vol.1
– Ultra Dance Leads vol.2

If you are interested in other stuff we have check up this link!